About Sustainable Transportation

Upended by the global COVID-19 pandemic, airlines, passenger railroads, bus lines and urban transit systems will need to forge new approaches to the essential transportation they provide. While also facing an economic crisis, they are looking to come back in ways that deliver equitable, accessible and affordable transportation.

Transportation will have to become both economically and environmentally sustainable. Including freight and passenger sectors, transportation accounts for 23 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. In Europe, it’s a quarter of all greenhouse gases and in the United States, transportation is the largest contributor to GHG emissions at 28 percent.

But new technologies, new approaches and new awareness will allow mobility that is more sustainable and more equitable, if transportation providers and manufacturers move forward to meet these challenges. A return to pre-pandemic ways would be a lost opportunity.

These are the issues that this newsletter follows. I am a transportation and environmental journalist, and I have been covering the effects of the COVID-19 crisis. I regularly speak with industry and government officials, CEOs, experts and independent researchers. Each week, I’ll provide notes, an essay, and some recent news relevant to sustainable transportation.

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